Kidnap Capital’s Felipe Rodriguez wins Best Director Award in Atami, Japan

atami win

2018 is proof that the human drama at the heart  of KIDNAP CAPITAL is still very much alive, and current to our times. After a surprise invite to the official competition of the very first edition of the Mt. Fuji-Atami Film Festival, KIDNAP CAPITAL took home one of the event’s top prizes, as Felipe Rodriguez won the Award for Best Director on closing night.

The Festival was created by Japanese Broadcast powerhouses Aon Cinemas and SKY Perfect TV to introduce high quality, new international films to the Japanese market, and featured a jury of seasoned industry leaders, headed by Elliot Grove, founder of both Raindance and the British Independent Film Awards.

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Japan Invites Kidnap Capital to ATAMI!


banner atami

Surprise 2018 news as the Mt. Fuji-Atami Film Festival invites KIDNAP CAPITAL to their Official Competition, as a means to introduce the story of the Pollos to the Japanese market. A new festival built by Aon Cinemas and SKY Perfect TV to showcase new slates of previously-unseen movies, Atami has built an impressive slate of quality, impactful films that have not yet been shown in Japan. The festival goes underway on the 28th of June.

With the crisis at the Border in the USA only getting bigger, Kidnap Capital has a unique way of growing more current -but also more important- as time passes. Atami will be a key event to see if Japanese audiences relate to the human element of the immigration struggle in America.


KidnapCapital_Poster small

As border tensions escalate in the southern U.S., KIDNAP CAPITAL hits the streets this week with its june 6th North American release date.

The award-winning film, based on real stories, will be available on BluRay and DVD, as well as on all major digital platforms. Look for it t your favorite retail store, or for download on Itunes, Amazon, Vudu, GooglePlay, Microsoft, and other platforms.

June 6th will also mark its release date on DirectTV and Redbox in the US.

Directed by Felipe Rodriguez (Netflix Original Series Slasher: Guilty Party, Blood And Water), KIDNAP CAPITAL stars Paulino Nunes (Designated Survivor, Shadowhunter: Mortal Instruments, Slasher: Guilty Party), Johnathan Sousa (Relative Happiness, The Animal Project), Michael Reventar (The Flash, The Strain, The Art of More) and Pedro Miguel Arce (Land of the Dead, The Strain, True Detectives), and is Co-Produced by Rodriguez and DOP Boris Mojsovski (NBC’s Taken, 12 Monkeys, Bitten).


Canadian Screen Award nomination for Kidnap Capital’s Michael Reventar in “Best Actor in a Supporting Role” Category


We’re proud to announce Michael Reventar’s CSA nomination in the Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his portrayal of Rico in Kidnap Capital.

The Canadian Screen Awards are Canada’s primary national awards program, aiming to highlight the work of the most talented professionals working in Film and Television in Canada today.

Michael Reventar’s nomination is a testament to his intense, dedicated performance as an ex gang member from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, who gets tortured for ransom in an Phoenix Drop House, after getting kidnapped in the Arizona desert as he entered the US illegally. His performance stands out with feeling and realism, even as part of an terrific ensemble cast that brings high dramatic weight to an independent film like no other to come out of Canada.

The CSA’s broadcast live on Sunday, March 12, 2017 on CBC.

Kidnap Capital wins the JURY SPECIAL MENTION at the 33rd Bogota Film Festival in Colombia


It seems like Latin America likes the #LittleMovieThatCould

Kidnap Capital and its team are proud to announce winning the Jury Special Mention at the 33rd Festival de Cine de Bogotá in Colombia!

Audiences received the movie extremely well, and winning this award for its South American Premiere seems to be promising news for Kidnap Capital in Spanish-speaking countries.

The next festival stop for Kidnap Capital is on him turf at the BloodintheSnow Film Festival in Toronto.


MovieMaker Magazine article explores behind the scenes of Kidnap Capital


MOVIEMAKER just put out an in-depth article with Kidnap Capital director Felipe Rodriguez, and explores how him and the cast and crew of the film dropped weight, sweat, but also tears and laughter, (and even a little blood!) to create a realistic “Drop House”.

Read about the difficult road to achieving realism when shooting such a potent, tragic story based on real, contemporary events. This article in MOVIEMAKER’s “How they did it” series weighs the burden of having to make a film that will be entertaining to the audience, while remaining truthful, and respectful of the real victims that have suffered in real Arizona Drop Houses:

How They Did It: Creating a Realistic Drop House Setting in Immigration Drama Kidnap Capital

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Busy October for Kidnap Capital starts with an official selection to the 2016 Social Justice Film Festival in Seattle


The filmmakers behind Kidnap Capital are happy to see it screen to socially-conscious audiences on October 20th at 2016 SJFF in Seattle, before its Latin American Premiere at the 33rd Annual Bogota Film Festival in Colombia. It will be the first time Kidnap Capital plays in Seattle, and it seems perfect, and quite relevant for the festival to program a drama painted against the backdrop of illegal immigration.

The Colombian screening will be the first time the film plays to an all-spanish Latin-American audience, another one who’s heart is at the core of the film.

For more schedule info on SJFF go to

Kidnap Capital gets a Latin American Premiere with its selection to BOGOCINE the 33rd Bogota Film Festival


We’re proud to announce that BOGOCINE, the 33rd Bogota Film Festival will be hosting the Latin American premiere of the film Kidnap Capital in Colombia this October.

Bogocine has programmed the film as part of the 13 film-deep Official Competition, as well as nominating it for their prestigious Pre-Columbian Circle Award for Best Director.

The screening is an important one for director Felipe Rodriguez and the filmmakers, since the backdrop of Kidnap Capital’s story is so entrenched in latin american culture. It tells the story of a group of Central Americans kidnapped and tortured for ransom on the Mexico/USA border.

Kidnap Capital’s at times brutal, ultra-realistic depiction of the harsh reality of kidnapping rings operating in Phoenix is based on real events, and had already earned the film (and its director Rodriguez) the same 2 nominations for Best Picture and Best Director at the Imagen Awards in LA on September 9th.

It will carry its message past the Beverly Hills ceremony and right into Colombia in time for the festival from october 18 to 26, 2016.

Kidnap Capital gets invited to CINEFEST – The Sudbury International Film Festival.

cinefestKidnap Capital will play along a great selection of Canadian and International Films at the 2016 Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival.

The festival is in its 28th year, and promises its most intricate slate to date, and screenings and events that will drag key industry players up to the film-booming northern ontario city of Sudbury. Kidnap Capital will screen on Thursday September 22nd, at 4pm.

For more info about the 2016 slate of films see the website

KIDNAP CAPITAL gets a country-wide tour as German Premiere, as part of the 2016 FANTASY FILMFEST


Get ready, Germany! Kidnap Capital has been selected as part of the 2016 FANTASY FEST that will cross Germany as it does every year.

The festival boasts an eclectic selection of films from all over the world, and is sure to keep German audiences on edge as it tours the main cities of the country.

KIDNAP CAPITAL will hit the country in different cities each monday for 4 weeks:



For more details on the Fantasy Filmfest and its selection see


KIDNAP CAPITAL wins BEST FEATURE at the United Latino International Film Festival in Cleveland


As it continues to reach to different audiences with its social message, the film Kidnap Capital picked up one more nod in Cleveland at the United Latino Film Festival, part of the Indie Gathering.

The film is lining up a busy september with a new Latin American premiere to officially announce soon, socially-conscious festival I Will Tell in London England, and more Canadian screenings after its recent premiere at Fantasia.

KIDNAP CAPITAL gets double nomination for BEST PICTURE and BEST DIRECTOR at the 31st Annual IMAGEN AWARDS


imagenThe Imagen Foundation today unveiled their high-profile list of nominees for the 31st Annual Imagen Awards, and it was a surprise to see small independent feature KIDNAP CAPITAL riding the power of its message and content to get nominations for BEST PICTURE and BEST DIRECTOR for Felipe Rodriguez’s effort. In both categories, the film and Rodriguez are up against Warner Bros’ film “The 33” and its director, Patricia Riggen.

The Imagen  Awards will be presented on Friday, September 9, at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Calif.  For 31 years the Imagen Foundation has been at the forefront of championing and celebrating inclusion and diversity in the entertainment industry. To see the list of nominees go to

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New Behind The Scenes Video “Inside The Drop House”

IDH boris

It’s been a long road across the world to get to this Canadian Premiere at Fantasia, and it’s thanks to the hard working cast and crew behind KIDNAP CAPITAL!
We just put up a new Behind the Scenes for you to peak into the soul that went into the film, before the July 30th screening in Montreal.
Watch and Share!…/index…/inside-the-drop-house/

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KIDNAP CAPITAL will have its Canadian Premiere at the 20th edition of the FANTASIA International Film Festival in Montreal

fantasiaThe Fantasia International Film Festival’s early release of its “First Wave” of films confirms their official selection of the film KIDNAP CAPITAL. (see

The July 30th screening of the movie, directed by Montreal-born Felipe Rodriguez and starring an incredible ensemble cast of Canadian talent, will be its Canadian Premiere. KIDNAP CAPITAL has already screened at the Shanghai IFF, St-Louis IFF,  and the Newport Beach FF among others, and has won awards at the festivals in San Diego, Manchester, and at ECU in Paris.

The Fantasia screening will have the director and select cast and crew in attendance, and promises to be a great return home after a busy July: before Fantasia Kidnap Capital screens in competition at the Madrid International Film Festival (Nominated for “Best Cinematography” and “Best Editing”) and at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival in Australia, where it plays on closing night.

Stay tuned for more news about the Kidnap Capital, Fantasia, and events surrounding the Premiere in the coming weeks.

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Kidnap Capital’s Official Selection to the 2016 REVELATION Perth International Film Festival will be its Australian Premiere


KIDNAP CAPITAL continues its festival tour across the world with an Australian Premiere. REVELATION Perth International Film Festival has selected the film for its 2016 line up, and will screen the movie 3 times, including on closing night on July 17th, 2016.

Revelation maintains its focus on signature driven works and embraces audiences of all ages, tastes and backgrounds. Over its 18 years it has developed a reputation as Australia’s leading independent film event, and like the films it presents, the event maintains a vitality and enthusiasm for the industry quite unlike any other film festival in the country. This year’s festival will take place from July 7th to 17th.

Along with its double nomination for Best Cinematography and Best Editing at the Madrid IFF, and a looming, overdue Canadian Premiere announcement to come soon, KIDNAP CAPITAL will have a busy July 2016.

For more details about the screening dates, Revelation Perth IFF, and the Australian Premiere of Kidnap Capital, please go to

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Movie bloggers at TALKING PICTURES review KIDNAP CAPITAL at the Newport Beach Film Festival

talking pics

Paul and Carolyn Booth share their thoughts on Kidnap Capital as part of their coverage of NBFF2016.

Some humbling, heartfelt comments and a review that covers the director’s work, the acting in the film, the cinematography, set design, and more. It eventually goes beyond the film, into a discussion about the social message it carries.

Listen to the review:–review-of-kidnap-capital-from-2016-nbff


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Official selection and 2 Nominations for Kidnap Capital at the Madrid International Film Festival


The Madrid International Film Festival, which will take place in Madrid in the first week of July, has just released its official selection, as well as the select list of nominees in each of its competing categories.

We’re pleased to announce, beyond its selection in the official competition, two MIFF2016 nominations for Kidnap Capital: “Best Editing in a Feature Film” for Julia Blua’s masterfully-paced cut and yet another another nod for “Best Cinematography” for Boris Mojsovski’s impactful, mood-setting work.

For more info about the festivals and nominations:

Best Cinematography in a Feature Film | Madrid IFF 2016

Best Editing of a Feature Film | Madrid IFF 2016

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Czech radio Prague reviews Kidnap Capital for its “Best Non-European Feature Film” win in Paris for The European Independent Film Festival

Czech radio

After its win at ECU, Czech Radio Prague did a review on KIDNAP CAPITAL, and talked with Felipe Rodriguez and Boris Mojsovski about the making of the film.

Have a listen here, just after minute 18:

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KIDNAP CAPITAL wins BEST NON-EUROPEAN FEATURE FILM at ECU – The European Independent Film Festival in Paris.

ECU win 2016

KIDNAP CAPITAL wrapped its weekend in Paris by winning the BEST NON-EUROPEAN FEATURE FILM AWARD at ECU- The European Independent Film Festival. The 2016 edition of the festival was jam-packed with deeply meaningful movies, and an official selection poised to raise the bar of today’s independent cinema.  Congratulations to all winners and nominees of the Festival.

This was the mainland Europe premiere of Felipe Rodriguez’ first feature, and the award further proves that the American-based storyline has international appeal.

April is still plenty busy for the film: on thursday the 14th it screens for the 2nd time at the Palm Beach International Film Festival and, simultaneously, opens the Kansas City FilmFest. The film then has a much-anticipated screening at the Newport Beach International Film Festival on April 22, very close to the Mexican border, and to the movie’s thematic of illegal immigration.

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Boris Mojsovski, CSC and Kidnap Capital nominated for Best Feature Film Cinematography at the 2016 CSC Awards

DP at work with crew, tight corners

Our very own Boris Mojsovski, CSC will be in privileged company tonight, with his two nominations at the 2016 Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards, one of which for Best Feature Film Cinematography for Kidnap Capital.

This year’s list of nominees in all categories, and the scope of their work proves that Canadian DPs are a force to content with at the worldwide level, and it’s an honor to see Mojsovski and his crew’s relentless work on Kidnap Capital be part of it.

#2016cscawards #BestCinematography #csc_CDN #CanadianFilm #DOP

TNC Interviews Felipe Rodriguez,director of Kidnap Capital, with the ECU Film Festival in Paris fast approaching

As part of its coverage of ECU – The European Independent Film Festival, London-based TNC interviewed Kidnap Capital director Felipe Rodriguez. They cover a broad range of topics, and Felipe shares his thoughts about how he hopes Paris audiences will react to the film, some stories from the Kidnap Capital set, and the highs and lows of Indie Filmmaking.

Read the full Interview here:!ecu-2016-kidnap-capital-/ctro

Kidnap Capital Official Selected to the 2016 NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL


KIDNAP CAPITAL will round up a busy month of April in high fashion, with its official selection to the 2016 NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL!

An Orange County, California landmark, the festival focuses on showcasing a diverse collection of both studio and independent films, and industry expectations are high as it prepares to officially unveil its full lineup for the 2016 edition.

Kidnap Capital, directed by Felipe Rodriguez, is making audiences reflect on an important social problem, and the attention it’s getting in the U.S. is an important step towards bringing to light the problems surrounding the human kidnapping rings operating along the American border with Mexico.

For more info about the screening, lineup, and events at the 2016 NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL, go to:

KC 4K Stills_1.1079.1

Official Selection to the 2016 Kansas City FilmFest for Kidnap Capital

Paulino Nunes, michael reventar, and Carlos Gonzalez Vio on set Kidnap Capital

KIDNAP CAPITAL returns from the UK and its MANIFF2016 Best Cinematography Award to more great news: Official Selection to the Kansas City FilmFest!

It’s a special edition for the American midwest festival -which runs from April 13-17th- as it enters its 20th year. It offers a wide selection of the best films from around the world in its 5 day schedule.

The festival is also a unique chance to screen in Missourri, and see how audiences will relate to the southern US border human trafficking story that serves as background to KIDNAP CAPITAL.

Find more info at  and  updates at




The 2016 Manchester Film Festival came to a close yesterday with its awards ceremony, and recognized Boris Mojsovski, CSC’s work on KIDNAP CAPITAL with the Best Cinematography Award.

Faced with a storyline and location setting that represented an immense technical challenge, Mojsovski was able to craft a visual approach that deepened the dramatic impact of the story, and is one of the chief reasons for the film’s success.

With KIDNAP CAPITAL in competition at 4 more festivals in the coming month, Mojsovski and his crew’s work continues to leave a mark as it gets shown around the world.


Official selection ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival. KIDNAP CAPITAL heads to mainland Europe.

ECU Official Selection Laurel 2016

We’re glad to announce KIDNAP CAPITAL is headed to Paris, France for its mainland European Premiere at ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival, held from April 8th to 10th, 2016.

The festival is dedicated to the discovery and promotion of the best independent film making talents from Europe and beyon. ÉCU 2016 will showcase 77 films from 31 countries, but distinctively offers only a choice selection of 6 Dramatic Features, Kidnap Capital one of them.

For more info about ÉCU 2016 see .


KIDNAP CAPITAL to have its U.S. East Coast Premiere at the 21st Palm Beach International Film Festival


The good news keep trickling in for the Cast and Crew of Kidnap Capital.

Official Selection to the Competition at the 21st Palm Beach International Film Festival will mark the East Coast Premiere of the film when the festival runs from April 6th to 14th, 2016.

PBIFF 2016 promises a slate to impress, after receiving a record three times the amount of submissions from last year.

The complete line up has yet to be unveiled, but look for it in the weeks to come on  .

paolo 1

The San Diego Latino Film Festival is bringing KIDNAP CAPITAL back to San Diego.

kidnap capital portrait

Official Selection to the San Diego Latino Film Festival will put Kidnap Capital back in front of San Diego audiences, after it won the Chairman’s Award there at the SDFF 2015 a few months ago.

The San Diego Latino Film Festival will screen a selection from the best latin movies of the Americas, and will run from March 10 to 20th, 2016, making it an immediate U.S. stop for Kidnap Capital after its stint in the U.K. at the Manchester IFF the week before.

For the full SDLFF line up, and more information, go to  .



The Manchester International Film Festival has selected Kidnap Capital to compete as one of 16 films in official competition for its 2016 edition. MANIFF will be held in the city of Manchester from March 3rd to march 6th, and the event will mark the U.K. premiere for the film.

For more info about the festival, and a trailer showcasing the exciting lineup of the official selection, including KIDNAP CAPITAL, see .


st. louis magazine reviews kidnap capital at SLIFF 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.04.49 PM

Andrew Wyatt from the St. Louis Magazine reviews Kidnap Capital as part of a St. Louis International Film Festival coverage that saw the magazine cover one film from the festival, each day.

St-Louis International Film Festival to screen Kidnap Capital in two categories


SLIFF has invited KIDNAP CAPITAL to screen in official competition, and included it in two categories “International Spotlight”and “American Indie Spotlight”.

The Festival runs from November 5th to 15th, 2015. Continuing their festival route, filmmakers and select cast from Kidnap Capital will be in attendance.

sliff post


KIDNAP CAPITAL to screen at the 2015 Long Beach Indie Film Festival, Friday October 9th, 2015

Long beach

The Long Beach Indie Film Festival has officially invited KIDNAP CAPITAL. The festival runs October 7-11, 2015.

Going to Long Beach fresh off its North American Premiere in San Diego, Kidnap Capital is screening at the Long Beach Indie Film Fest on Friday, October 9th, 2015, at 7PM.

KIDNAP CAPITAL wins the 2015 San Diego Film Festival CHAIRMAN’S AWARD

IMG_9768Kidnap Capital, directed by Felipe Rodriguez, had a chance to make audiences think and reflect with two screenings this weekend at SDFF15, and wrapped up the event by winning the 2015 San Diego Film Festival Chairman’s Award.

Many thanks to Dale Strack and Tonya Mantooth at the festival, as well as Stephanie Inscoe for the experience and honor.

#SDFF15 #chairmansaward #kidnapcapital #sdfilmfestival

Official Selection at the SAN DIEGO FILM FESTIVAL



san diego

KIDNAP CAPITAL, from director Felipe Rodriguez, will have its North American premiere at the 2015 San Diego Film Festival (Sept 30-Oct 4th).

It promises to be a premiere loaded with meaning for the filmmakers, the festival being so close to the U.S./Mexico border that paints the backdrop of KIDNAP CAPITAL’s heart wrenching story, based on real events.

The movie is also the only fiction film in the SOCIAL JUSTICE Track at the festival, a 5-film section curated by Susan Sarandon and Thomas Morgan, and created in partnership with Reframed Pictures.

KIDNAP CAPITAL invited to the Shanghai International Film Festival


We’ll be proud to premiere in the PANORAMA program of the festival, and to bring the story of KIDNAP CAPITAL, based on real event, to Shanghai.

The festival runs from June 13th to 21st, and we can’t wait to see how the Asian Audiences will relate to this struggle story that can echo true, and current, in all parts of our world today.  Let’s hope they root for the “Pollos”!

Check in soon

We’ll have updates, news, and info about all things Kidnap Capital!