Editors are rarely as creatively invested as Buenos Aires native Julia Blua; since her first success with the groundbreaking National Geographic film “Wetback: The Undocumented Documentary”, her intuitive storytelling aptitude has repeatedly made her key to the project she works on. 

This unique capacity reached a peaking point with the Award-Winning film “KIDNAP CAPITAL”.

Blua was involved from the very inception of the idea, which explains why much of the dramatic weight of the scenes and storylines owes so much to her creative process.

She’s now at work on the first season of CityTV’s new Original Show, “Hudson & Rex”, for which she cut the pilot last year.

Her latest feature,  “Majic”begins its tour of the festival circuit in New York this May. It deals with the struggles of a conspiracy theorist, and features some impressive performances from Paula Brancati, Richard Fitzpatrick, and Micheal Seater.

Recently, she also edited 7 episodes of the groundbreaking Australian comedy “Oh Yuck”, as well as 4 core episodes of the new  Netflix Original Series “Slasher: Guilty Party”, including the season Opener and Finale episodes, all the meanwhile taking on a variety of short format projects.

Her work on Kidnap Capital was nominated for Best Editing in a Feature Film at the Madrid International Film Festival.

Contact her directly at juls_blua@hotmail.com.