Kidnap Capital wins the JURY SPECIAL MENTION at the 33rd Bogota Film Festival in Colombia


It seems like Latin America likes the #LittleMovieThatCould

Kidnap Capital and its team are proud to announce winning the Jury Special Mention at the 33rd Festival de Cine de Bogotá in Colombia!

Audiences received the movie extremely well, and winning this award for its South American Premiere seems to be promising news for Kidnap Capital in Spanish-speaking countries.

The next festival stop for Kidnap Capital is on him turf at the BloodintheSnow Film Festival in Toronto.


MovieMaker Magazine article explores behind the scenes of Kidnap Capital


MOVIEMAKER just put out an in-depth article with Kidnap Capital director Felipe Rodriguez, and explores how him and the cast and crew of the film dropped weight, sweat, but also tears and laughter, (and even a little blood!) to create a realistic “Drop House”.

Read about the difficult road to achieving realism when shooting such a potent, tragic story based on real, contemporary events. This article in MOVIEMAKER’s “How they did it” series weighs the burden of having to make a film that will be entertaining to the audience, while remaining truthful, and respectful of the real victims that have suffered in real Arizona Drop Houses:

How They Did It: Creating a Realistic Drop House Setting in Immigration Drama Kidnap Capital

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Busy October for Kidnap Capital starts with an official selection to the 2016 Social Justice Film Festival in Seattle


The filmmakers behind Kidnap Capital are happy to see it screen to socially-conscious audiences on October 20th at 2016 SJFF in Seattle, before its Latin American Premiere at the 33rd Annual Bogota Film Festival in Colombia. It will be the first time Kidnap Capital plays in Seattle, and it seems perfect, and quite relevant for the festival to program a drama painted against the backdrop of illegal immigration.

The Colombian screening will be the first time the film plays to an all-spanish Latin-American audience, another one who’s heart is at the core of the film.

For more schedule info on SJFF go to