September 6, 2016 ADMIN

Kidnap Capital gets a Latin American Premiere with its selection to BOGOCINE the 33rd Bogota Film Festival


We’re proud to announce that BOGOCINE, the 33rd Bogota Film Festival will be hosting the Latin American premiere of the film Kidnap Capital in Colombia this October.

Bogocine has programmed the film as part of the 13 film-deep Official Competition, as well as nominating it for their prestigious Pre-Columbian Circle Award for Best Director.

The screening is an important one for director Felipe Rodriguez and the filmmakers, since the backdrop of Kidnap Capital’s story is so entrenched in latin american culture. It tells the story of a group of Central Americans kidnapped and tortured for ransom on the Mexico/USA border.

Kidnap Capital’s at times brutal, ultra-realistic depiction of the harsh reality of kidnapping rings operating in Phoenix is based on real events, and had already earned the film (and its director Rodriguez) the same 2 nominations for Best Picture and Best Director at the Imagen Awards in LA on September 9th.

It will carry its message past the Beverly Hills ceremony and right into Colombia in time for the festival from october 18 to 26, 2016.