KIDNAP CAPITAL wins BEST NON-EUROPEAN FEATURE FILM at ECU – The European Independent Film Festival in Paris.

ECU win 2016

KIDNAP CAPITAL wrapped its weekend in Paris by winning the BEST NON-EUROPEAN FEATURE FILM AWARD at ECU- The European Independent Film Festival. The 2016 edition of the festival was jam-packed with deeply meaningful movies, and an official selection poised to raise the bar of today’s independent cinema.  Congratulations to all winners and nominees of the Festival.

This was the mainland Europe premiere of Felipe Rodriguez’ first feature, and the award further proves that the American-based storyline has international appeal.

April is still plenty busy for the film: on thursday the 14th it screens for the 2nd time at the Palm Beach International Film Festival and, simultaneously, opens the Kansas City FilmFest. The film then has a much-anticipated screening at the Newport Beach International Film Festival on April 22, very close to the Mexican border, and to the movie’s thematic of illegal immigration.

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Boris Mojsovski, CSC and Kidnap Capital nominated for Best Feature Film Cinematography at the 2016 CSC Awards

DP at work with crew, tight corners

Our very own Boris Mojsovski, CSC will be in privileged company tonight, with his two nominations at the 2016 Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards, one of which for Best Feature Film Cinematography for Kidnap Capital.

This year’s list of nominees in all categories, and the scope of their work proves that Canadian DPs are a force to content with at the worldwide level, and it’s an honor to see Mojsovski and his crew’s relentless work on Kidnap Capital be part of it.

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