TNC Interviews Felipe Rodriguez,director of Kidnap Capital, with the ECU Film Festival in Paris fast approaching

As part of its coverage of ECU – The European Independent Film Festival, London-based TNC interviewed Kidnap Capital director Felipe Rodriguez. They cover a broad range of topics, and Felipe shares his thoughts about how he hopes Paris audiences will react to the film, some stories from the Kidnap Capital set, and the highs and lows of Indie Filmmaking.

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Kidnap Capital Official Selected to the 2016 NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL


KIDNAP CAPITAL will round up a busy month of April in high fashion, with its official selection to the 2016 NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL!

An Orange County, California landmark, the festival focuses on showcasing a diverse collection of both studio and independent films, and industry expectations are high as it prepares to officially unveil its full lineup for the 2016 edition.

Kidnap Capital, directed by Felipe Rodriguez, is making audiences reflect on an important social problem, and the attention it’s getting in the U.S. is an important step towards bringing to light the problems surrounding the human kidnapping rings operating along the American border with Mexico.

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Official Selection to the 2016 Kansas City FilmFest for Kidnap Capital

Paulino Nunes, michael reventar, and Carlos Gonzalez Vio on set Kidnap Capital

KIDNAP CAPITAL returns from the UK and its MANIFF2016 Best Cinematography Award to more great news: Official Selection to the Kansas City FilmFest!

It’s a special edition for the American midwest festival -which runs from April 13-17th- as it enters its 20th year. It offers a wide selection of the best films from around the world in its 5 day schedule.

The festival is also a unique chance to screen in Missourri, and see how audiences will relate to the southern US border human trafficking story that serves as background to KIDNAP CAPITAL.

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The 2016 Manchester Film Festival came to a close yesterday with its awards ceremony, and recognized Boris Mojsovski, CSC’s work on KIDNAP CAPITAL with the Best Cinematography Award.

Faced with a storyline and location setting that represented an immense technical challenge, Mojsovski was able to craft a visual approach that deepened the dramatic impact of the story, and is one of the chief reasons for the film’s success.

With KIDNAP CAPITAL in competition at 4 more festivals in the coming month, Mojsovski and his crew’s work continues to leave a mark as it gets shown around the world.